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A Healthy Nerve System

We Live Our Life Through Our Nerve System

Everything, from your ability to read these words and enjoy a good meal, to the beating of your heart and the functions of your immune system, is controlled by your nerve system. Your ability to comprehend and adapt to the world you live in is dependent on the function of your amazing nerve system.

Your physiology (how your body works) and your psychology (how your mind works) are controlled through your nerve system. The care of your nerve system is important if you are to have the good health that will allow you to live a long and productive life.

Your nerve system is your master control system. It is responsible for maintaining your health. Your brain, spinal cord and nerves coordinate your millions of body functions and adapt your mind and body to your environment. It regulates your heart, blood pressure, temperature, respiration, blood sugar and other body chemistries.

The nerve system coordinates your digestive functions. From the chewing of your food, to the delivery of the nutrients to your cells, and the elimination of waste products, your nerve system is in charge.

Your nerve system coordinates your immune system to protect you from bacteria, viruses, cancer and toxic chemicals. It even distinguishes between harmful and beneficial bacteria in your gut; and incorporates the functions of the beneficial bacteria into your immune functions. - Even healing is directed by the nerve system.

Nerve Interference

If something interferes with the flow of information from the brain to an organ, or with the feed-back of information from the organ to the brain, the organ can't function as it should.

The jars, jolts and stresses of daily living can cause changes of alignment and movement of the bones of the spine. These spine problems are called subluxations.

Subluxations begin a series of events that include muscle spasm, inflammation, nerve interference, degeneration, and abnormal function of our tissues and organs.

Chiropractic Care

Skilled chiropractic adjustments apply the right force to the right places, to restore normal function to these stuck spinal bones. As spinal function is restored, the nerve system is better able to coordinate your functions, and your life-force is better able to regulate your inner functions, through your nerve system.

While many people use chiropractic for back pain, neck pain, headaches, pinched nerves, and other obviously, spine-related health problems, this is only one aspect of chiropractic benefits. The most logical use of chiropractic care is to maintain health. If it makes sense to remove nerve interference so that the body can function better, it would follow that regular chiropractic care will help maintain health.

Since your total life experience depends on proper function of your nerve system, any serious plan for lasting health must include care of the spine care and nervous system.

Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained in the correction of spinal subluxations, for wellness purposes. The spinal examination, adjustments, exercises and postural supports recommended by chiropractors are important to restoring your spine and nerve system to optimal function, so that you can live life to its fullest.

Chiropractors Don't Cure Anything. . . They Correct The Cause Of The Health Problems

This may be a surprise to people who have used chiropractic as a treatment for back and neck problems. Chiropractic care corrects the cause of back and neck problems; And it helps maintain the body's information super-highway. . . the nerve pathways of the spine.

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