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The Health Formula

There is something that Americans need more than the ability to diagnose and treat disease. . .

. . . A Better Understanding Of Health.

This formula can help you develop a better understanding of health. It means that your health depends how well your body functions; and your stresslevels; And that you can improve your health by improving your body functions and/or by reducing your stress levels.

  • Your functions are controlled by your nerve system, and require nutrients from naturally-grown foods.
  • Stress comes in three forms: Physical, Mental, and Chemical.


  • Good nutrition for the building materials your body needs to function well.
  • A healthy nerve system to regulate your body functions.
  • Physical Stress Management
  • Mental Stress Management
  • Chemical Stress Management

Not only are do these five things determine our health; when neglected, they are the cause most of today's chronic diseases.

Contrary to what the drug industry would have you believe, most disease isn't due to bad luck, bad germs or bad genes. . . And there is a lot you can do to improve and maintain you health. We invite you to use our web site to explore health.

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    Andrea Dobbs
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    Latanya Spivey
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